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Utilizing Blogs in the Classroom

A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary (Richard 2010). It is a place to express yourself and it’s a place where one going to update on a regular basis. A place to share your thoughts creativity and your passions. A blog would serve an excellent purpose in the classroom. It can help with writing and reading skills. It’s the use of technology and what better way to show case their ability for diverse learners. I have some students that come to my class that never speaks due to them being shy or bashful. Blogging would allow these students to have a voice and learn communication skills.
I am an elementary school Art teacher. I would use blogging as a way to keep the lines of communication open between parents and myself. I would also use blogging as an instructional tool to aid in effective communication and even a way to informally assess students. For example, when in the classroom and as an exit ticket, I could have student respond to a question about the lesso…

How am I going to use blogs in class

I can use blogs to publish assignments, resources to take to class and keep students and even parents up to date on school, class events, due dates, and topics being discussed. I can also use blogs to help students' understand contents and improve their reading and writing skills.