Virtual Field Trip Experience

       The graphic organizer used to teach a group of 5th-grade student at an Elementary school. They were given the topic “The Pyramids” with a few essentials question that they would have to critically analyze some of the resources used in the days the pyramids were made. The students came up with a lot of things while they work in groups of four and then the most suitable answers were chosen. A graphic organizer was then made to show their findings. After this, they went on a virtual field trip where they explore the Pyramids of Giza. Virtual Field trips I found to be an amazing learning experience. They provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in education, offering learning possibilities that aren’t readily available in the classroom. It is not always practical or possible to take students on a regular field trip some are due to tight budgets, the location of the place, time and resource can keep students school bound therefore virtual field trip filled this void. Here they were amazed to see the Pyramids as if they were actually there. One of the questions that were asked though is why the people their faces were blurred out in which I explain it’s for privacy. They were able to see the huge block that they were made from and also the size in comparison to the people who standing and also the vehicles. They were all amazing and quiet overwhelm with the experience when they view it on the smart board. After this student were given cardboard boxes, scissors and glue where they construct their Pyramids within their groups.


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